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Dominik Bauer and Guerrino Santulliana for GQ Style Germany
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My old cats, Tom and Little, always slept together in a guitar case. They both lived for seventeen years and my family is still convinced that they were in love. Little was perfectly healthy when Tom died, but a week after his death she stopped eating and would hide behind couches and in corners all day. Within a month, she passed away too. They are buried side by side in our garden.

My heart.
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Just a little bit over 4 months and I’ll be here.
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Kendall photographed by Russell James

Calif, Nevada, Arizona and New York in February. So excited!

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Is there a way around the whole 21 drinking age limit in America? Most likely could be going to America earlier than I thought and I won’t be 21.

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Carolina Mariana

Rad minimal logo design. Nice photography too!